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At NSF, our aim is to add value to your business through the effective and expert management of technical activities.

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Data Management

NSF Datex

Online Questionnaire builder. The system can be used for surveys, questionnaires, assessments or can used as a pre-audit assessment tool. Customised logo and branding can be done for each questionnaire.

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NSF SpecPort

Online Food Product Specification System. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Enables users to comply with requests for traceability promptly.
  • Web enabled for all parties, allowing visible, real-time and controlled access to information.
  • All relevant product information in one place and up-to-date. Ingredients, packaging and product specifications, quality information, and recipes.
  • Due diligence on specification is in place as all changes and updates are tracked.
  • Identify raw materials quickly and easily to country of origin, manufacturer level.
  • Suppliers load their specifications via the internet with built in validation and your approvals process.
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Crisis response

Food crises today have the potential to affect thousands if not millions of people across multiple territories, often with brand damaging messages being actively promoted through social and traditional media within minutes. It is not enough to have a crisis or product recall plan. NSF offers an effective proactive crisis management programme which includes planning and emergency exercise for total readiness.

Food Fraud

Food fraud is widely accepted to be a major and continuing threat to food brands. NSF has developed integrated solutions which clients can utilise to provide a holistic approach to safety culture. The NSF Food Fraud Model identifies and prioritises risk across different product categories and was developed by NSF for the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). NSF has also developed a 7-step programme to identify sources of, and to detect and prevent fraud in your business and throughout your supply networks.

Standards Development

Need to develop an industry guideline by which to measure a product type or attribute? Look to NSF’s standard or protocol development services. Having developed over 100 standards and protocols, we know how to bring together the right stakeholders and relevant test methods to provide the right solution to address industry concerns. NSF offers a multitude of services that can help your business be more efficient and more profitable. Bring us your challenge and let’s work together to find the best solution.

Risk Management

NSF’s world class risk prevention services have been developed with the advantage of the unique insights gained through our global consulting and auditing operations, which extend across the food supply chain from farm to fork. Services range from ‘deep dive’ consulting programmes, through risk modelling and to the development of our proprietary Predictive Risk models.

Recall Plans

It is not enough to have a crisis or product recall plan. NSF offers an effective proactive crisis management programme which includes planning and emergency exercise for total readiness. Interactive assessment and coaching to help you develop or and adjust your recall plan that could potentially make or break your company’s reputation.

Supply Chain Assurance

Supply chain assurance includes maintenance of suppliers against GFSI standards, customised audit requirements and the review/approval of new suppliers and associated documentation. Audit findings and test reports are only as valuable as your ability to access and manage the information from a secure system. NSF understands the competitive advantage that comes with effective data management, and we built our proprietary NSF Online system with this in mind. This web-based IT system provides a wealth of intelligence upon which you can confidently make data-driven business decisions.

Trading Law

In a constantly changing labelling and regulatory environment, NSF can ensure you meet the needs of your customers, consumers and legislators and maintain appropriate levels of corporate governance. NSF provides Trading Law services covering the range of consumer products and enforcement legislation. NSF's expert consultants are always at the forefront of food production, safety legislation and codes of practice providing advice to your business on how best to comply and ensure maximum commercial advantage.

Services include:

  • Trading Standards, development of trading law, corporate governance, due diligence management systems, training programmes, inspections and risk assessment.
  • Legal and technical advice on food and non-food product labelling requirements, product legality, including legal challenges, expert witness reports, pack and menu copy, and advertising and promotion.