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Clients around the world trust NSF with their business

84,000 clients accross 159 countries

Clients around the world trust NSF with their business

9 of the top 10 QSR groups

Clients around the world trust NSF with their business

9 of the top 10 food & beverage groups

Clients around the world trust NSF with their business

7 of the top 10 food retailers

Data Management

We offer powerful, yet user friendly ways of managing and maintaining your food safety compliance, built on the latest platforms. NSF offers web-based software solutions for the retail and manufacturing industry.

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Technical Services

At NSF, our aim is to add value to your business through the effective and expert management of technical activities.

We offer a range of integrated and stand-alone, customised technical support services across the operational supply chain to meet your need for legislative and technical compliance, supplier and product development support and supplier performance management support.

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NSF Certification UK Ltd, an independently operated subsidiary company of NSF International, is a leading provider of independent certification services to the agriculture, produce and processing industries, certifying over 40,000 clients in Europe alone and is the leading global certifier of GFSI benchmarked standards.

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NSF’s training and coaching services positively impact on health and food safety, customer satisfaction, quality and brand standards in your business. Our services deliver understanding, practical competency and professional development through webinars and classroom and individual sessions that are tailored to meet specific client requirements.

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Our beginning: In 1944, NSF was founded as the National Sanitation Foundation in the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health.

Today, we are now NSF International, with corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI, USA, and 75 office and partner locations worldwide.

NSF Africa is part of NSF International, forming the world’s leading standards and certification organisation for public health and safety. NSF Africa previously known as CMi started operating in Africa out of UK from 1987. In 2003 CMi registered the company CMi Africa in South Africa. In 2007 NSF International acquired CMi.

Our Team

Uniquely, the NSF Africa team is made up of a wide range of experienced and qualified staff from different technical and commercial backgrounds, who together provide an in-depth understanding of our client’s businesses combined with the ability to develop appropriate technical and commercial solutions.

All our key managers have many years’ relevant industry experience drawn from backgrounds with regulatory/enforcement bodies and industry, with companies in all sectors of the food chain, including major food retailers and manufacturers, hospitality and catering, and agriculture.


Online Food Product Specification System. Very sophisticated tool to manage all

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Food waste recycling initiative welcomed

October 2015

DEFRA has welcomed the setting up of an industry steering group to explore ways to improve recycling of food waste. Together the group will shape and deliver the plan; working to identify tangible, industry led actions to maximise the amount of household and commercial food waste collected and recycled in England.

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Red meat and the risk of cancer

October 2015

The media has recently issued warnings on the consumption of processed meats linked to Pancreatic Cancer. NSF International advises that in such circumstances that clients should follow a 'sound science' approach and not look towards media sources when looking to reformulate a policy on the issue.

The Department of Health, through the NHS, has issued advice on the consumption of red and processed meat.

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Bramley apple pie filling given protected status

September 2015

Traditional Bramley apple pie filling has joined the Cornish Pasty in being given protected status by the European Commission. The apple filling has been named on the traditional specialities guaranteed list (TSG), which seeks to protect the reputation of regional products. The mixture is defined as 'a homogeneous blend of Bramley apple pieces, sugar and water, with the option of Bramley apple purée, cornflour and lemon juice or other antioxidant.

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